Кургатылган жемиштерди муздатуу

Каалаган жерден жегиле, anytime and at any occasion

Freeze dried fruits are washed, кесилген, жана жегенге даяр. Our freeze dry process gently removes moisture and locks in nutrients, so your food stays naturally preserved instead of decaying on the shelf.
Vitamins and nutrients are locked in, so your food stays fresh.
Flavorful berries, шабдалы, and bell peppers as ripe as the day they were picked.
No mold or slimy mushrooms. Freeze dried food stays fresh without preservatives!
No more washing, пилинг, майдалоо, thawing. the list goes on. Bye, bye prep time.
Maybe we’ll coin that. No more letting your food (жана $) go to waste.

Full of Nutrients

Our Nutrilock Promise insures that our produce has as close to what nature intended as possible.


Because not only is quality our top priority so is food safety. All food is tested for biologicals before it hits the freeze-driers and after!

Vanilla йогурт тиштеп

Ширелүү шабдалы жеш мүмкүн…баш аламан. Vanilla йогурт тиштеп, Vanilla йогурт тиштеп, Vanilla йогурт тиштеп, Vanilla йогурт тиштеп. Vanilla йогурт тиштеп.

Fresher than Fresh

You aren’t going to be able to tell the difference. Did you just pick it? Or just you just grab a handful out of the can?