Wéi laang dauert gefruer gedréchent Liewensmëttel

Wéi laang dauert gefruer gedréchent Liewensmëttel

One of the key advantages of freeze-dried food is its shelf life. Freeze dried foods can last for years if not decades depending upon the freeze drying process, storage of freeze dried foods and the type of food. Thrive Life freeze dried foods can last from 8 years all the way to over 20 Joer. Contact us to know more about our freeze drying process and to get more details on how long does freeze dried food last. You will be amazed at quality of our freeze dried vegetables, and freeze dried fruits like freeze dried bananas.

With our innovative freeze drying process, we remove almost all water and lock in nutrients, which means Thrive foods will stay fresh for a very long time! Shelf life varies depending on storage conditions. Simple Plate meals last at least 6 months from the time you receive them. Most of our canned products last one year after opening and 25 years before opening—and we do it without adding preservatives!

wéi laang dauert gefruer gedréchent LiewensmëttelAll methods of food preservation have their pros and cons. Freeze-drying process is extremely effective in creating food that retains its nutrition for the long term. Shelf life is important when you’re looking for preserved foods for regular daily use or stocking up on emergency supplies.

Although most freeze dried products have a “long shelf life,” it can mean one of two things. Éischten, the “best if used by shelf life” indicates the length of time food retains most of its original taste and nutrition. Dëst ass den Datum op de meeschte Produkter an der Epicerie opgezielt. Et wäert normalerweis tëscht e puer Wochen an e puer Joer sinn, jee no Produkt.

Et gëtt och d"Liewen erhalener Regal Liewen,", wat d'Dauer vun der Zäit uginn datt de Produkt d'Liewen erhalen ouni ze zerfallen oder iessbar ze ginn. Dëst kann iwwerall vun e puer Joer bis e puer Joerzéngte sinn. Et geet alles erof op de Konservéierungsprozess a seng Späicherbedéngungen.

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Several key storage conditions have huge impacts on the shelf life of freeze-dried food.

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Oxygen: Oxygen in the air can have negative effects on the nutrients, Vitaminnen, Aroma, and color in food. It can also increase the growth of microorganisms like bacteria. Having an airtight seal on food in storage is a must for preserving shelf life.
Fiichtegkeet: Moisture also creates a beneficial environment for microorganisms, resulting in spoilage and deterioration of freeze-dried food. Shelf life is significantly shortened when food is stored in a damp area.
Light: When food is exposed to light, it can deteriorate the proteins, Vitaminnen, and nutrients in it. This can quickly result in discoloration and off-flavors, so be sure to store your products in a dark area.
Temperature: High temperatures cause proteins to break down and vitamins to be destroyed, affecting the color, Aroma, and odor of preserved food. Storing food in a warm environment will quickly deteriorate its shelf life.