Grab a quick, healthy snack
everyone will enjoy !

Snack smarter

Snackies are a selection of various freeze-dried foods in small pouches that are the perfect size for snacks, packing in lunches, or including in emergency kits. You can select from a nice variety of tasty snacks and fill your Snackies box with 5 varietiesmix and match however you like.

Freeze Dried Food

By simply removing the moisture, we get fresh fruits and veggies that stay fresh for months without preservatives. Could fresh strawberries do that?o.

Guilt Free

Grown and ripened on a family farm, our food maintains their nutrition and flavor without adding anything sketchyso what you're eating is clean, raw and real.

On The Go

Eating a juicy peach can bemessy. Instead, just open the bag, grab a few slices, and keep going. No napkins required.o.


Ever tasted a freshly picked pineapple in Costa Rica? Open the bag and you will! Freeze drying makes it happen.