Viva a Vida Indique um Amigo

Indique um amigo Benefício regular - Dar 15%, Pegar 10%

Dê a seus amigos 15% fora do varejo quando fazem pedidos por meio do Serviço de Entrega Mensal Ganhe 10% in Thrive Credit for every referral’s first order.

Ganhe Thrive Credit em seu primeiro pedido! Com a nossa promoção Double Dip, your first order counts towards your own credit if one of your referrals places an order within
90 days of your purchase.

3 Ways to Refer your friends

When a new customer order is placed using your Refer A Friend Link, you gain 10% of their sales in Thrive Life credit once the order ships (30% one time offer in Feb 2023).  Access your link on your Thrive Life account and share in three easy ways to connect your community with our food!

Access your Refer A Friend link

New customers must shop under your referral link for you to receive credit.
  1. Login to your account[Insert Consultant Link here]
  2.  From the Account page, select “Refer A Friendon the left panel
  3. Copy your “Refer a Friendlink and send it to your friends
Please reach out to your consultant for any additional questions.