How long does freeze dried food last

How long does freeze dried food last

One of the key advantages of freeze-dried food is its shelf life. Freeze dried foods can last for years if not decades depending upon the freeze drying process, storage of freeze dried foods and the type of food. Thrive Life freeze dried foods can last from 8 years all the way to over 20 年. 聯繫我們以了解更多關於我們的冷凍乾燥過程的信息,並獲取更多關於冷凍乾燥食品保質期的詳細信息. 您會驚訝於我們凍乾蔬菜的質量, 和冷凍乾燥的水果,如冷凍乾燥的香蕉.

With our innovative freeze drying process, we remove almost all water and lock in nutrients, which means Thrive foods will stay fresh for a very long time! Shelf life varies depending on storage conditions. Simple Plate meals last at least 6 從您收到它們之日起的幾個月. 我們的大部分罐頭產品在開封後可以保存一年,並且 25 開業前數年——我們不添加防腐劑!

how long does freeze dried food last所有食物保存方法都有其優點和缺點. 冷凍乾燥過程在創造長期保留其營養的食物方面非常有效. Shelf life is important when you’re looking for preserved foods for regular daily use or stocking up on emergency supplies.

儘管大多數凍乾產品具有“長保質期,“它可能意味著兩件事之一. 第一的, “如果在保質期內使用最好”表示食物保留其大部分原始味道和營養的時間長度. 這是雜貨店大多數產品上列出的日期. 通常會在幾周到幾年之間, 取決於產品.

還有“生命維持保質期”,” 表示產品在不腐爛或不可食用的情況下維持生命的時間長度. This can be anywhere from a few years to a few decades. It all comes down to the preservation process and its storage conditions.

Several key storage conditions have huge impacts on the shelf life of freeze-dried food.

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Oxygen: Oxygen in the air can have negative effects on the nutrients, 維生素, flavor, and color in food. It can also increase the growth of microorganisms like bacteria. Having an airtight seal on food in storage is a must for preserving shelf life.
水分: Moisture also creates a beneficial environment for microorganisms, resulting in spoilage and deterioration of freeze-dried food. Shelf life is significantly shortened when food is stored in a damp area.
Light: When food is exposed to light, it can deteriorate the proteins, 維生素, and nutrients in it. This can quickly result in discoloration and off-flavors, so be sure to store your products in a dark area.
Temperature: High temperatures cause proteins to break down and vitamins to be destroyed, affecting the color, flavor, 和醃製食品的氣味. 將食物存放在溫暖的環境中會迅速縮短其保質期.