Kodi Bwino alangizi kupanga?

Kodi Bwino Moyo Alangizi Amapezera?

Thrive Life freeze dried food makes high quality, mankhwala abwino amalimbikitsa kudya thanzi ndi moyo ndi kukonza chakudya mofulumira ndi kukoma kwakukulu ndi khalidwe! Iyi ndi njira ya kulimbikitsa kusankha wathanzi chifukwa chothandiza anthu kukhala zoyenera, kutaya kapena kukhala kudikira, and improve their sense of overall well-being.

The amount paid to a consultant varies according to his experience and knowledge, the scope and complexity of the project and the agreed invoicing method. In general one can expect to make $300-400 per month, but there are people who are making way larger paychecklarge enough to replace their current monthly income.

Why become a Thrive Life Consultant?

  • Great earningsyou can make money online/offline and provide better opportunities for your family
  • Work around your schedulesignificant flexibility and work-life balanceown your own future and work towards financial freedom
  • Make a difference in people’s livesHelp others get and stay healthy, including yourself and your family

To become one of thrive life consultants, below are things you would need. Now the skills below are needed if you are engaging client as an independent thrive life consultant. But you can also generate income by promoting Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods online through your blog, website, youtube channel, social media or podcast.


Consultants are full of ideas. Being a Thrive life consultant; you have to be creative, on creativity to build a nice profile. Thrive life is just like a multilevel marketing, to make it big here, you must have good ideas, you must know how to turn these ideas great output.

The profile

The combination of all these factors will provide a profile for the important peopleyour current and potential customers. A good marketing style will provide a solid profile throughout the marketing period, which means that you just need to relax and reap the benefits. This is what you want, right?


Be honest if you do your public relations internally, it’s irregular at best, right? This is because you have other important things to do. Successful consultancy is about consistency, you need to regular in delivering results. Be consistent in selling products and teaching others too.

Thrive life knowledge

The right agency will know your industry from the inside out. They will know good products, when they go to the company and what they are interested in buying. They will be able to “tell” a story to tell the company nine out of ten will succeed. Do you really have this level of knowledge?

The strategy

Good advice will create a consultancy strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. You can device your own strategy for getting customers, doing this, you will get the right customers, through the right strategy. Isn’t it a good idea?


As a Thrive life consultant, you would have the right experience to do everything, from marketing and selling of products. These are probably not the skills you have in your organization, are they?

Thrive Life Foods Consultant Earnings

The position of consultant at Thrive Life is the result of the sales of your team and theirs. Ngati mumagwira ntchito molimbika ngati mlangizi, kupititsa patsogolo masanjidwe anu ndikwachilengedwe komanso kosavuta.

Alangizi a Prosper Life amalipidwa mwezi uliwonse (kuwonjezera pa mabhonasi). Nawu mndandanda wazomwe walangizi wamoyo wamba amapeza. Dziwani kuti izi ndizotheka ngati alangizi amagwira ntchito pakampani sabata iliyonse.

Tsiku lomalizira silinakhazikitsidwe. Zonse zimatengera khama la mlangizi. Zimatha kusiyanasiyana pamwambapa kapena pansipa pang'ono. Mndandandawu adapangidwa kuti akupatseni lingaliro lazopeza zabwino za Moyo Wabwino. We have the mentor packages, administrator, and executive, silver frame, gold executive and platinum package.

thrive life commission plans for independent consultants

So that’s the commission plan. But what can I realistically make and how long will it take?

  • Mentor: An average mentor earns $ 314 per month. Usually it takes 2 to 4 months of constant work to reach this level.
  • Administrator: An administrator can earn approximately $ 797 per month. It takes about 3 to 6 months to get this grade.
  • Executive: An executive can earn about $ 1,161 per month, on average. And it takes about 5-10 months to reach this ranking.
  •  Silver executive: a silver frame is larger than an ordinary frame. It takes approximately 9 to 15 months to reach this ranking. You also have potential earning potential of $ 2,366.
  • Gold Executive: thanks to consistency and hard work, you can get a Gold Executive grade in 12 to 20 months. You have a potential earning potential of $ 3,334 in this ranking.
  • Platinum: this is the highest rating. And it really takes a lot of work to get here. If you can work hard and commit to this rank, you can certainly build a successful business. It takes approximately 18 to 30 months to obtain this grade. The potential earning potential is on average $ 11,313.
Do you want to learn more about the Thrive Life Fast Track and Starter packages to get you started, see more here. If you want to try our products, check out our healthy and amazingly tasty products here


This figure definitely looks very attractive. You may be thinking of entering immediately. But all of the above figures would be influenced by the consultant’s credentials and outcome, the critical nature of the project, the deliverables or expectations of thrive life, and the completion schedule for each step.

Therefore, if you have a business idea, it is recommended to start it and invest the energy that you have invested in this marketing on several levels. Your business could be the next big thing. Learn more about the Thrive Life Fast Track and Starter packages to get you started. If you want to try our products, check out ourhealthy and amazingly tasty products here or go back to our home page and learn more about Chitani Bzalani Zakudya Zowuma.

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