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Personal Plus

Nweta ọrụ na ịzụrụ ihe nkeonwe gị! Kekọrịta ndị enyi gị & ezinụlọ ma nweta ọrụ na ịzụrụ ihe ndị ahụ. Ọ bụ ụzọ kacha mfe isi malite.
$ 100
ewu ewu

Onye nrụpụta azụmahịa

Emebere ngwa a ka ọ nyere gị aka ịkọrọ ndị ọzọ ngwaahịa Thrive. Ọ gụnyere ihe eji ebido gị yana mgbakwunye nke ihe ndị ahụ dị mfe ikekọrịta.
$ 220

Enweta ego ndụmọdụ ndụmọdụ Thrive Life Foods

Ọnọdụ onye ndụmọdụ na Thrive Life bụ nsonaazụ ahịa nke otu gị na nke ha. Ọ bụrụ na ị na-agbasi mbọ ike dị ka onye ndụmọdụ, ịkwalite ọkwa gị bụ ihe okike ma dị mfe.

A na-akwụ ndị ndụmọdụ Prosper Life ụgwọ kwa ọnwa (na mgbakwunye na bonuses). Nke a bụ ndepụta nke ihe onye ndụmọdụ ndụ nkezi na-enweta. Note that this is only possible if the consultants work constantly in the company on a weekly basis.

The deadline is also not fixed. It all depends on the consultant’s hard work. It may vary slightly above or slightly below. This list has been created to give you an idea of the earning potential of Thrive Life. We have the mentor packages, administrator, and executive, silver frame, gold executive and platinum package.

Mentor: An average mentor earns $ 314 per month. Usually it takes 2 ka 4 months of constant work to reach this level.

Administrator: An administrator can earn approximately $ 797 per month. It takes about 3 ka 6 months to get this grade.

Executive: An executive can earn about $ 1,161 per month, on average. And it takes about 5-10 months to reach this ranking.