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Mercer Foods

Mercer Foods is now a part of Thrive Freeze Dried Foods “Thrive Life”. The last few years have been amazing. Thrive Life has literally become the leader in freeze drying and continues to turn heads around the world as Thrive life does things better; more efficiently and technologically superior. Thrive Life has raised the bar with freeze drying quality and processes, but we’re not stopping there. As freeze-dried food becomes more and more mainstream, Thrive Life will continue to stand out as the highest quality product available!

With the growth in mind, Thrive Life has declared the immediate merger with a freeze dry company in California called “Mercer Foods.” It operate out of Modesto CA (Mercer foods modesto) specializes in freeze dried fruits and vegetables, and sells to the food service industry, as well as other manufactures. This announcement will give Thrive Life much more access to freeze dryers, other production facilities, suppliers and farmers, as well as experienced systems and people. Freeze-drying preserves the structure, color, flavor and nutritional content of food by removing moisture as a vapor in a vacuum.

We’re extremely excited about this announcement and we’re confident this will help us grow exponentially! This announcement is focused on preparing ourselves for exponential growth.

More: Mercer Foods llc maintains numerous programs and certifications to ensure that all health and safety regulations, food and sanitation standards are met. Their programs and products are compliant with the regulations and standards established by the FDA, USDA and OSHA. They are committed to producing freeze-dried food products that are 100% safe, tested and in compliance with all allergen programs.

Did you know?
To reduce our energy usage, Mercer Foods draws power from a 220,000 square-foot solar field with 3,852 solar modules. The solar power generated by the field provides two months of Mercer foods plant’s power needs annually. They also employ a smart lighting system to ensure reduced electricity usage. Mercer Foods Modesta CA sources all fruits and vegetables ethically and responsibly.

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Mercer Foods

Helping families starts with a healthy meal, but Thrive Life’s passion for helping people stretches past the dinner table. Thrive Life sends 5% of their profits to developing countries, which means your dinner is helping build schools, empower women, and build communities around the world.