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Freeze Dried Survival Food

In the face of unforeseen emergencies or outdoor adventures, having a reliable food source is paramount. Enter freeze-dried survival food – a game-changing solution that has taken the preparedness world by storm. We’ll explore the fascinating world of freeze-dried delights, uncovering the numerous advantages they offer for both seasoned adventurers and cautious preppers alike. Discover how these lightweight, long-lasting, and nutrition-packed meals have become an essential component of any survival kit or camping gear. Whether you’re a seasoned survivalist or a curious novice, this guide will illuminate the key benefits and considerations of freeze-dried food, helping you make informed decisions to ensure you’re always prepared for whatever life throws your way.

There may be times when you have to stay out for a certain while. Under these circumstance, you will want to have food with you to last on those days when you are away from home. Naturally, you won’t be able to carry cooked food with you and this is where the importance of storing food properly comes in. Foods that have a long shelf life and are purchased for storage as emergency rations.

One option for these types of foods is freeze-dried. These types of foods go through a process to very gently remove the water they contain. This gentle removal of water content ensures that the majority of nutrients and vitamins remain intact. Most of the time, just add a little water and let it sit for about 10 minutes after stirring it well.

This type of food also lasts a very long time and some can be stored for up to 25 years or more. This of course means you don’t have to replace them very often before their expiration date and saves you money in the long run.

On thrive life, for example, the range of freeze-dried foods is quite diverse, from beef stew and fruits to delicious desserts such as cheesecakes.

Freeze-dried – including raw vegetables, soups and stew mixes, dairy products of various types – are another well-known staple for keeping dry foods.

Once again, this fact is seen as a source of gleeful fun for people who downplay the wisdom of building an emergency food supply; it helps to imagine those scornful words fleeing from a gaping mouth that is often filled with fast food dishes made of the exact same things that “preparers” store in bulk.

So, apparently, the ‘awkwardness’ of storing dry foods lies in a matter of timing preference: people who practice survival skills postpone gratification, investing in the meals they will eat in the future, while their detractors waste money – a lot borrowed – on “cheap” meals, they eat now and pay later. It may be “cool”, but it is definitely not smart.

Besides a perverse death wish or an eccentric appetite for hardship, why would anyone take the time to get a sufficient supply of storable food?

Now how do you plan your food storage

Emergency food storage plan

Here are few plans to help you and your family plan a food storage program while being away.

  • Start with a 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit and 7 Day Food Unit of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Bags for each family member in your home. Always keep extra water with it in a cool place, if possible.
  • Have a short-term emergency food storage program for you and your family for 3 to 6 months in your home. You can get a great variety of starters, vegetables and desserts with Thrive life Freeze-Dried foods, which have a shelf life of 7 to 30 years. Thrive life food is easy to prepare with hot or cold water and is the most delicious freeze-dried food on the market.
  • Have a long term emergency storage program for you and your family for 1 to 2 years, but longer if you can afford it. Some people store 3 to 5 years of freeze-dried food. Thrive life Freeze Dried Foods are excellent for this, as they have a shelf life of 25-30 years. You can get them in pre-designed food storage packages, saving time and money! It is recommended that you keep these foods in a cool place in your home, such as a garage, basement, or cellar, if available.
  • Have at least two 72 hour emergency meal kits in a backpack in your car or truck with plenty of water in case of an emergency with your vehicle.

This list can be 5 times as long with all the extra items to prepare you for emergency preparedness, but the most important items to start with are freeze-dried foods (Thrive life foods are a great choice) and the clean water.

Why go with Thrive life?

It is always essential to consider storing freeze-dried foods that have a long shelf life. In our opinion, Thrive life Freeze Dried Food is by far the best and here’s why:

Survival Food

The freeze-drying process used to create freeze-dried food in thrive life preserves the best qualities of the food. Most importantly, it retains the natural enzymes in the food, so that you eat healthily. Food is also guaranteed to taste great after 30 years.

Thrive life’s freeze-dried foods are made with the same ingredients as homemade meals, but only take 10 minutes to prepare. Freeze-dried foods are created using three fundamental processes.

First, they buy quality raw materials. Secondly, your food freeze drying equipment has distinct advantages, as it makes your food taste, look and keep fresher, weigh less, and retain more nutrients. And third, its cooking process makes freeze-dried foods home-made, one of the only companies to cook their recipes fresh before freeze-drying. Others simply assemble freeze-dried ingredients in a package.

Thrive life freeze-dried foods should be stored in hygienic and dry conditions, without prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures and avoiding any environment that could damage the packaging, such as punctures, dents or rust.

Thrive life Freeze Dried Foods is your home away from home.

Reviewing other freeze foods stores

Augason Farms

This is one of the best food storage companies because it invests heavily in flavor and providing all the ingredients needed to prepare meals with the best possible quality. This company also has an impressive selection for those who enjoy eating gluten-free and vegetarian foods, and maintains low prices for a la carte ingredients, so you have a chance to see if purchasing certain foods is a good investment. for storage. long-term food.

Food storage augason Farms

Augason Farms offers a great blend of essential ingredients, such as soups, freeze-dried fruits, beans, drink mixes, and vegetables. Drinking water and water filters are missing from your selection. Having a good amount of survival food is good, but without clean or hot water much can be useless in an emergency. Emergency Essentials is a service that provides water supply solutions with your food selection.

If you plan to camp or need that food for a short time, it’s best to choose prepackaged meals at this store – unless you think you can get a 52-ounce can of powdered cheese mix in nothing. of time. You can buy larger bulk food storage containers with enough meals to last a few years, but there are options for short-term situations as well.

This service offers an excellent mix of essentials such as soups, freeze-dried fruits, beans, drink mixes and vegetables. Drinking water and water filters are missing from your selection. Having a good amount of survival food is good, but without clean or hot water much can be useless in an emergency.

Wise foods storage

Emergency or survival kits must obviously contain food. Not just any other food, but generally freeze-dried survival foods that are convenient for the situations you find yourself in. One of the most well-known companies specializing in the manufacture and sale of pre-made food for emergency purposes is Wise Foods, Inc.

Many people claim that Wise Foods offers the best survival, emergency, and camping food on the market, and for good reason. Unlike other foods of the same type, Wise foods freeze-dried are the cheapest of all. In addition, it is packed in compact serving bags, so it is very portable and light, has great flavor, and comes in several varieties.

Survival foods should not spoil easily so that they can be stored for a long time. Wise Foods has a 25 year shelf life!

Wise Foods products also come in resealable packaging or bags, which are then stored in large, sturdy plastic buckets. These buckets are surprisingly light to carry, even for a child, so that in an emergency you and your child can carry the food for a month or two.

The buckets will come in handy for other things as well, like digging and disposing of trash. Plus, the bottom of each container is shaped so that they lock together when stacked, so they don’t take up much space in your basement, warehouse, or wherever you plan to position your. survival food they provide.

When purchasing Wise Foods products, you can choose between breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as a selection of gourmet freeze-dried vegetables, fruits and meats.

Some of the gourmet breakfast options include crunchy granola, cereal, and apple cinnamon. Your selection for dinner and lunch consists of tasty and appetizing delicacies such as Alfredo pasta, chili or macaroni and cheese, rotini, tortillas or tomato basil soup, stroganoff and teriyaki with rice. Their products are very easy to prepare. Some of your food only requires boiling water and after 12-15 minutes your food will be ready.

Wise food storage doesn’t necessarily end with disaster-related emergencies. You can also consume the stored emergency food at times when you or your family need a quick meal, but are too tired to cook.

The nutritional value and flavor of Wise Foods products is sure to be a great substitute for homemade meals. Plus, if you stock up on these types of foods, you will also be prepared for any economic crises that may arise in the future.

Maintaining emergency food will ensure that your family is always well nourished during times of inflation and financial hardship.

Mountain house freeze dried food

Mountain House Foods, provide freeze-dried meals for a specific time period, all emergency foods should contain a combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. If you are packing your own emergency food storage with in-store items, it is ideal to have a selection of cured and canned meats, fruits and vegetables, cookies, grains, and water. There must be a box opening and a heat source, such as a stove or electric stove.

This Mountain House Meal Kit includes three breakfasts, three side vegetables, and six 10-ounce packages of lunch or dinner appetizers, enough food for one adult for three days. Blueberry and Milk Granola, Bacon Scrambled Eggs, Ham and Pepper Scrambled Eggs, Garden Green Peas, Whole Grain Corn, Cut Green Beans, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Teriyaki, Chili mac with beef, rice and chicken, primavera pasta, and sweet and sour pork with rice. All of these emergency survival foods can be prepared easily under difficult circumstances by adding water and have a shelf life of seven years. Satisfied customer Christopher Coakley from Santa Barbara, Calif. Said, “Mountain House’s food generally tastes better than most freeze-dried alternatives.

Building your own food storage is ideal for situations where you need to stay away independently for two weeks. If you anticipate that the consequences of that, consider an emergency food storage kit. They contain boxes and bags of frozen and dehydrated foods that can help you and your family for a month to over a year. Considered MRE, these kits contain a combination of meals and individual items that can be prepared together.

Mountain house survival food

Mountain House Foods 10 bags and cans, need only cold water to fully hydrate. When you need to use up your emergency food reserve, remember that each 10 box – about a gallon size – should only last a month. None of the food in these kits should be refrigerated. Additionally, a kit usually contains a predefined amount of calories that you will consume if you follow the specified dosage suggestions.

Being prepared with enough mountain house freeze dried foods will help you and your family through tough times. Also, an emergency food kit should be supplemented with vitamin and mineral supplements, as you cannot consume too many fruits and vegetables during the disaster and recovery period.


Once have an emergency food storage program, start with making easy lists of the things you and your family use on a daily basis – things you might need in an emergency; such as favorite foods & drinks, vitamins & medications, warm clothing & boots, blankets, batteries, candles, extra cash, alternative method to heat food or water, hand powered radio & flashlight, etc. So, get yourself prepared for any type of emergency, and have fun doing it. With Thrive life, you will be very happy you did.

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