Is Thrive Life an MLM?

Is Thrive Life an MLM? Easy answer – technically Yes, but actually No – Thrive is more a group of people who love Thrive Life freeze-dried products and use them in their day-to-day life, from easy meal prep to cheaper options for daily groceries/meats to a long-term storage option. And yes, if they like the products and want to rave about them to their friends, or family – they can get commissions on the sales generated. If you want to more about what this opportunity is you can read more here. Also, you may want to check out the benefits of becoming a thrive consultant! Another thing to clarify is that Thrive is not a pyramid scheme like plenty of other MLMs out there. The reason is – if you join a pyramid scheme, you are not rewarded for selling products but are instead rewarded for getting others to “join” the selling pyramid.  And as people are not bonded around great products that they love, they quit. THRIVE Life has hundreds of high-quality products that its consultants sell to the general public, and plenty of customers don’t become consultants and yet rave about Thrive products. Also, the vast majority of those who purchase THRIVE Life products are not consultants.  You should also check out Thrive life nutrilock process for retaining the nutritional content of Thrive products.

Thrive Life is considered an MLM due to its commission structure, but it stands apart as a community of product enthusiasts. Consultants earn from sales, not recruitment. With high-quality, freeze-dried products, it’s not a pyramid scheme. Many customers don’t become consultants, and Thrive’s Nutrilock process ensures nutritional value retention.

Thrive Life sets itself apart from traditional MLMs by fostering a community of individuals who genuinely love and use their freeze-dried products in everyday life. Whether it’s for convenient meal preparation, cost-effective grocery options, or long-term food storage, Thrive products have garnered a loyal customer base.

The consultant opportunity allows enthusiasts to share their passion for Thrive Life products with friends and family. Consultants can earn commissions on the sales they generate, but the focus remains on the quality of the products rather than merely recruiting others.