Another question we get when people get confused between thrive life and thrive le-vel. 

Thrive Life is a brand of freeze-dried foods, which are considered safe for consumption. Freeze-drying is a preservation method that removes moisture from food, which can help to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause food spoilage. The food is then packaged and sealed to protect it from moisture and other contaminants, so that it can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration.

However, as with any food product, it is important to handle and store Thrive Life products properly to ensure safety. This includes keeping the food in a cool, dry place, and ensuring that the packaging is not damaged or opened before use. The food should be reconstituted before eating by adding water, and should be consumed within a reasonable time frame after reconstitution to avoid food deterioration or spoilage.

It is also important to mention that the food has a longer shelf life, but it’s not indefinite, the food would lose some of its nutritional values over time and if the packaging is opened or damaged, it will lose its preservation effect, so it’s important to use the food before the expiration date, and to check the food for any signs of spoilage before consuming.

In summary, Thrive Life freeze dried foods, like any other food products, it’s safe to consume as long as they are handled and stored properly, and consumed within a reasonable time frame.

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